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Php Photo Gallery

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php photo gallery
What php gallery program performs this????????????assist!!!!?

I’ve got a websaite and I wish to possess a onlnie php photo program which will see the manga files such as these websites do :

http://world wide web.onemanga.com/AIKI/60/01/

http://world wide web.mangavolume.com/naruto/chapter-naruto-491/

What php program is going to do this??

You could utilize the php code that stores something inside a variable after which inputs it right into a


What you would start off doing is:

$picture = scandir("location of the file") put the quotations around it unless it is a variable


mysql_select_db("pictures", $con)
$get = "SELECT * FROM picturestable"
$results = mysql_query($get, $con)
$counter = 0
while ($resulted = mysql_fetch_assoc($results) && ($counter < 12) )
there you have it

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