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Maven 2

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maven 2
it is the opeening of rox(ring of xtreme) lol?

show begins with tajiri signing an agreement and will get attaacked by dcw

Daivaris Crowned Wrestlers(hassan and khali) versus hardyz

Shaun and hasssan begin with grapple a quick roll-up hassan tags khali then tajiri comes hassan tags in, khali chases off tajiri daivari and hassan put on exactly the same attire. Hassan low blows matt and that he puts hat on then goes underneath the ring with daivari then hassan uses eyerake then ddt to keep a ddt suplex.

Primary event Laddder match (maven N raven) versus Age Taters

Maven and senior spud harmed by dcw tajiri comes then Sr spud uses the mould on Tajiri daivari utilizes a ddt on maven then your finess gymini attack everybody then your carrotsticks come and uses the stew then chris jericho takes both devices to offer to tajiri who gives 2 Dcw?


Iron Man 2 Movie Maven

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