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How To Install WordPress Theme

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how to install wordpress theme
WordPress Theme Help!?

I’ve got a wordpress site that’s only a plain blog. I produced it from wordpress.com after which i had been searching at a method to make my website look cooler. I discovered good quality styles, however i dont understand how to set them up. They are saying i must install wordpress after which compile styles. I shouldn’t do all of this! It is possible to way where i’m able to install my styles from the interface website using blogging platforms.org?



Hi Lakerskp21

You cannot do this using blogging platforms.org. This really is WordPress free site and you will find a lot of things you cannot do. You need to consider having your own real website having a WordPress blog onto it.

You may need a hosting company. It’ll cost you about $50 or less. Then you’ll have a real WordPress blog with 1000′s of styles to select from. Additionally you may have your personal domain like opposing team.com, rather than opposing team.wordpress.com, and you’ll have the ability to get much more traffic. You can even finish up earning money together with your blog. Think about WordPress.com as training.

I help people get began with this particular, and that i dont charge to assist. You are able to get in touch if you want.

How to Install WordPress Theme (2010)

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