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Gourmet Easter Recipes

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gourmet easter recipes
How does this idea sound?

I am having a vegetarian (not vegan) friend over for Easter lunch. I was thinking of making a mustard and turnip green quiche. I got the idea from a garlicky greens tart that I made once. But all it had was turnip greens and a ricotta cheese in a tart shell. It didn’t seem substantial to me as a main dish. I thought if I turned it into a quiche by adding an egg custard to it it may be more filling.
Another idea is mushroom and farro pie from Gourmet mag.


First vote : mustard green quiche or mushroom and farro pie.
Second: give me some suggestions if you have a any.
She eats eggs and cheese.
Allow me to clarify my question… I really want you to vote on my ideas. Your suggestions (and recipes) are welcome but I really want to know which of the two choices you find most appetizing.

Most vegetarians eat cheese (90% of vegans think it’s the hardest thing to give up), but definitely check on the eggs to make sure she/he eats them.

I think the mushroom and farro pie sounds excellent, I might have to look for a vegan version to try!

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