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Google Algorithm Changes

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The latest Google slap to their algorithm seeks to weed out duplicate content . This is a positive thing to many as those who use bots to auto blog do nothing but steal legitimate content and plaster a bunch of garbage on their websites in order to increase their rankings on Google . While many have lost a lot of cusomters to their webpage due to this the overall result will be positive. In some ways the those who are not violators have been penalized as Ezine Articles has taken a huge hit despite the fact it is a legitimate source of information and a respected site by almost any standard.

Google’s new algorithim will make it so information that lacks detail or in summary will not flood the search results when individuals are searching for something detailed. This means that keyword dense but weak content will not be stealing people’s time as they are searching for unbiased sources of information. Also mentioned in this change is that graphs, pictures and research information will improve search results. In other words, if you have a webpage and all you do is copy and paste duplicate content you can forget about getting a lot of organic traffic . If you have page and all you do is provide summaries under 200 words with a low word count in length, the chances are you will not rank well . Furthermore, do not pump out overused keywords. This means if you are trying to rank for “make money online” like four hundred million others , don’t have that exact phrase written every other word.

Whenever there are modifications in the algorithim some individuals take a hit and must take a closer look at what they are doing . All in all , the end result should be helpful and many of the individuals who were looking to profit on individuals naivete will suffer. I am encouraged by the fact that moving forward as I search for specific content I will not be bombarded by webpages with weak content and other nonsense which damages the internet as a bunch of hacks are trying to fill their websites with junk in order to make money online. Learn how to effectively utilize the web and provide solid and relevant content . If you do this, you will eventually be able to earn serious wealth on the internet .

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