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gallery jquery
Does a Javascript framework for example jQuery or Mootools have to be on a single server like a page utilizing it?

Let me put a gallery using Mootools within an eBay listing. To have the ability to get it done could I call the Mootools framework file from another server, as possible do with CSS and Javascript. Or, would I have to store a html document that contains the gallery on the server alongside the framework file and set within an iFrame about the eBay listing?


No, the browser does not care in which the Javascript originates from. Actually Google present an interesting free service where they host the main JS frameworks on the servers, therefore it does not emerge from your bandwidth.

You might be considering the ‘same-origin policy’, but this only is applicable to Ajax demands and it is only between the site itself and then any xml/json it’s asking for. The origin from the JS file does not matter.

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