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Easter Breakfast Recipes

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easter breakfast recipes
How many calories in a barbecue!?

So today I’m going to be eating a lot :(
I had a couple of tablespoons of special k for breakfast, then I went for a 30 minute run, now I’ve just had a homemade hot cross bun. and I’ve still to have lunch! my body is used to less than 1000 calories a day (don’t lecture I know it’s unhealthy) so I’m worried because later I’m having a family Easter barbecue.
I have no idea how many calories will be in it!! aaaah!! I will probably have egg and bacon for lunch hopefully something small with no carbs.
here is typically what I will eat tonight:

homemade mince meat burgers (just mince and onion, nothing else)
kebab grilled- small bits of chicken with roast veggies like peppers and red onion
one or two sausages

my mom is making chocolate brownie cake I think, the recipe says something like 400 cals per slice, so hopefully I’ll try not to have a lot of that.

I have to eat because my parents are suspicious.

any idea how many calories, anyone?!

please eat. fine, don’t have the cake if you must, but otherwise that’s completely fine, especially if you had the thirty minute run

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