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Directories for traffic and/or SEO?

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If you’re not new to the game of building 1way links to your site , you most likely already know that submissions to directories are so much important in helping you improve the traffic of you website . The submission, basically, is a way that you can establish 1 way links to your site without having to make large investments of money and time.

This way to be successful with this is to send your link to many directories as you can. However, the most challenging thing is creating a list of search engine friendly directories to submit to since there are so many to choose from. This is where a directory submission service plays a role. If you’re new to the concept of submitting to directories, the first thing you’re probably wondering is, how does a service like this work?

Well, it’s just as it sounds. A directory submission service has a team of people that’ll do all the work for you. The only thing that you must do is pay the fee and let the admins put for you and build quality links to your site . This type of service is an ideal solution if you’re a very busy person; however, there are some things that you should take into account before you make a final decision on a service .

It’s necessary that your website be sent to the directories slowly, in order, to ensure that your 1 way links appear to be natural to the search engines . Search engine like for link popularity to be created naturally and not all of a sudden . Therefore , if build links that appear in a short period of time , there’s a good chance that they’ll be ignored and then the money and time that you’ve spent is wasted .

Hence , it’s very important that a directory submission service, submit your site to directories over time, maybe a couple of weeks or maybe a few months, and not a few days. This way, when the search engines notice your website, it won’t be ignored since your links show up to be built in a more natural manner and your link popularity of your site will be better .

So, there’s a chance that you can be wasting your money and not get a results if you don’t search this issue . Once you pick up the right directory , then it’s your job to make sure that the service is improving the popularity of your links the right way.

Another issue to keep in mind is that the majority of directory submission service offers a guarantee on the number of approved listings. So you want to check out if the directory provides a kind of guarantee regarding the amount of successful listings that they’ll secure for you. The reason this is necessary is because the majority of the directories will only guarantee that you site will be listed and not that they’ll be accepted.

There are anyway few directories that are worth a good investment nowadays . Briefly they are: Yahoo directory, DMOZ (free submission), BOTW.org, Business.com, Gimpsy.com. unluckly because of a large number of listings and pages, sometimes you might want to check if your listing appear in a indexed page, if not your effort will be useless . For example, pages like this and this one, seem to not have indexed in Search Engines ; therefore all the websites listed there won’t be affected by the submission to the directory .


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