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Build It Fix It Own It

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build it fix it own it
Should I allow my son to build his own computer? (He’s 15.)?

My son keeps constantly asking me if he is allowed to build his own computer, rather than me buying one for him. He says he knows how to do it, but as he’s only 15, I’m concered he might mess things up… and we also won’t have warranty for his computer, but again, he says he’ll be able to fix almost everything…

Now, what should I do, should I give him the money or just say no, and buy him a normal computer?

Isn’t 15 a too young age to do this?


I will put a slightly different slant on this if I may. first many say you will get a better computer cheaper and i assure you that is no longer true. The big companies buy thousands of components at a time giving them much cheaper prices. You do get the computer you want though, and the satisfaction. The different slant is simply this, he is fifteen and he wants to do something sensible like building a computer in preference to standing on street corners, mugging old ladies and or smoking and taking drugs.Be proud, be happy and encourage him. Maybe even be a bit curious, you may well learn something that you can use some day.

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