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blog site
I want to start a blog and I am trying to find a blog site?

I want to start my own blog but I want a free blogging site that I can video blog on but I also want to be able to do a text blogs on it to? Does anyone know a good site for this?

Going by your blogging requirements, I’ll recommend your Google’s Blogger.com

The points favoring my recommendations are:

If someone is new to blogging, the blogging site should be easy and doesn’t make one disappointed in future, when he/she will be technically far more ahead at implementing things than they’re at present.

Then let I assure you, Blogger.com, a blogging platform by Google is by far the best.

Blogger.com is the best platform for all bloggers, irrespective of their tech expertise. In addition, another benefit of using blogger is that you get traffic from Google search as well.

Google’s blogger.com is a pretty versatile blogging platform. The url format of your new blog will be xyz.blogspot.com, where xyz represents your name. But if you want to make the url look xyz.com, blogger allows you to do that as well. You can tweak the looks of your blog, from 1 percent to 100 percent and add much functionality to it as well.

For beginner, getting started is quite easy too, just three steps:

Create an account (if you have an existing gmail account, then you can use that too)
Name your blog
Choose a template

In the beginning, one can make a blog, by taking the three above steps. The same blogger can be tweaked in future to resemble in looks and functionality of a professional blog.

One more thing, if someone harbours the idea of making money from the blog; then let I assure you a blog on Blogger.com gives a person most independent revenue making setup.


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