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curling hair?

i usually attempt to curl my hair and set it inside a ponytail, however it never works out right. the curls dont seem like curls after i place it up.

i attempted curling it even though it is within the pony, however i can’t do this either.

have you got any tips to result in the curls look better inside a pony? i would like my hair to appear such as this sorta.


If you’re trying to get this done on hair that’s freshly shampooed, it won’t hold too. Freshly shampooed locks are soft & slippery to utilize.

Whenever we have updo & niche styles entering our shop, we let them know to clean their head of hair the evening before. These curls and designs holds better on not-so-freshly cleaned hair.

For the way lengthy hair is, I’d choose whether 3/4 inch, 1 ” or 1-1/4 inch iron. To create various curl dimensions, use differant sized irons and differant sized parts of hair. You would like them slightly tight in the beginning because they may release up after a little. If it’s pouring down rain or damp, curls won’t ever hold. The moist air will ruin your look and all sorts of your effort.

You need to use a “Thermal Spray” in your dry hair before curling it. Gently spray hair by using it and curl the section. Once you go ahead and take iron out, spray all of them with an excellent strong hold hairspray. This will solve your problem.

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